Environmental quality monitoring system

We establish infrastructure for digitalized data on environmental quality

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Turnkey complex environmental monitoring system

Equipmennt selection01
We select equipment for your goals and objectives
We carry out work on the installation and connection of equipment
Data access03
We provide access to digitized data in your personal account
Data transfer to external Federal and Regional information systems and ACS of enterprises

URUS team is truly cares about the quality of the environment

We are a certified IT company - a developer of specialized product solutions that allow our clients to analyze the quality and composition of the environment.
URUS’ complex products have already been successfully implemented in 11 regions of Russia where more than 160 posts are operating now. URUS is a qualified supplier of environmental quality data for regional and federal information systems.
Our clients and core partners are able to take better management decisions with help of our up-to-date solutions that allow them to receive real-time information about the state of the environment.
Launch the environmental monitoring system today!

Innovations in ecology are much easier then it seems to be

Online monitoringMonitoring and control of indicators in real time 24/7/365
Compact solutionCompact and energy efficient equipment
Modular architectureFlexibility in the choice of equipment and sensors
Hazard AlertsOnline warning system available
Visualization settingsFlexible settings for data collection and visualization
Cloud-based and out-of-the-box solutionAbility for system establishment both in the cloud-based and in a protected circuit

«Ecomon» software complex

Ready-to-use solutions «Ecomon.Cloud», «Ecomon.Server» and «Eсomon.Controller» cover all the needs for the collection, digitization, transmission, storage and visualization of eco-monitoring data.

Monitoring system hosted in the cloud that does not require special settings.
Hosted in the cloud
Works immediately without setting up
Connection of any sensors of any quantity
Solution for monitoring system establishment in a protected environment.
Out-of-the-box solution
Easy integration
Operation in the customer's network
Universal «smart device» for collecting and transmitting data from sensors directly to «Ecomon» solutions that allows you to connect any sensors, analyze, store and transmit data.
Works with any devices
Easy control and setup
Using a corporate VPN

We will pack up a ready-made solution according to your objectives!

Monitoring equipment kit

— maximum accuracy in a compact housing

Monitoring station

Fully functional compact and energy-efficient air quality monitoring station. It allows to make automated measurements of concentrations of pollutants, suspended particles, meteorological data, noise pollution and other parameters in real-time mode with wireless transmission of telemetry to a single information platform.

* The final set of equipment is formed individually for the clients’ request.

Our partners

Министерство природных ресурсов и министерство цифровизации калужской области
Министерство природных ресурсов московской области
Министерство природы Новгородской области
Министерство природы Нижегородской области
Министерство природы Красноярской области
Новороссийский морской порт
Мурманский порт
Ассоциация стратегических инициатив
Деловой центр экономического развития СНГ
Экономический факультет МГУ им.Ломоносова

Our success stories

MunicipalitiesOur company implements advanced solutions for monitoring of the quality of atmospheric air and water in settlements. URUS’ monitoring system allows you to control the level of air pollution, noise pollution, surface water pollution, and also allows to identify sources of pollutions as well as build-up models for the dispersion of those pollution. We help to create a healthy environment for the population.

Our monitoring systems operate in the Kaluga and Moscow regions, in Krasnoyarsk and Taman. The public online air monitoring portal was developed for the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kaluga Region: air.giskaluga.ru

Industrial enterprisesIndustrial enterprises install automatic online air monitoring posts at the border of the sanitary protection zone for operational control and proper management of the environmental situation. Timely receipt of information on MPC exceedances makes it possible to promptly respond to environmental incidents and prevent their consequences.

Combining data from emission sources and a high-density network of small-sized sensors gives a reliable picture of the dispersion of pollutants in the atmospheric air.

Area sourcesComplex air monitoring system, set up at the border of the sanitary protection zone of waste management enterprises (MSW landfills, waste incineration plants, waste processing complexes, etc.), allows to control the state of atmospheric air by marker pollutants, as well as reduce social tension among residents nearby residential development.

Data from all hardware kits located at waste disposal sites is transferred to the regional information system of Moscow Region.

Port facilitiesOur hardware and software kits for continuous monitoring of noise and air pollution (dust) has been installed in a number of Russian seaports and terminals in order to control the effectiveness of ongoing measures for dust and noise suppression.



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